About PGS


The IKI Paris Graduate School "est un établissement privé d’enseignement supérieur"  students a unique opportunity to study on-line distance learning programs and on site in Paris, ‘Education on Your Doorstep’ enables students to gain professional qualifications while studying in their home country or in Paris:” the city of light”. 

Our Mission

The mission of the Innovative Knowledge Institute is to enable students to attain a qualitative education; to ensure they have access to worldwide accredited courses; to bring greater visibility, flexibility, autonomy and accessibility to their education; to support career and professional development; and to develop each student’s abilities to the full in order to produce professional and enterprising people.


Professional routes

Students can progress to degree entry as follows:

Certificate Awards – enable the student to apply for entry to the first year of a relevant degree program.

Diploma Awards – enable the student to apply for entry to the second year of a relevant degree program.

Advanced Diploma Awards – enable the student to apply for direct entry into the final year of a relevant 3 year degree program.

Graduate Diploma Awards – enable the student to apply for direct entry to postgraduate (e.g. Masters) degree programs.

Postgraduate Diploma Awards – enable the student to apply for exemptions onto postgraduate (e.g. Masters) degree programs. For example, a maximum of 120 credits exemptions may be obtained from a 180 credit MBA program.

Faculty Members

Dr. Souha Akiki


President and Founder of “Innovative Knowledge Institute” and” Paris Graduate School”
Dr. Akiki is A natural communicator, motivator and leader, She has a rich and varied background spanning a 30 year period in academia including Director level positions in Administration and Finance. In her various roles as a Strategic Developer,  Leader, Academic Director, Author and Mentor. Concurrently with management positions held at academic institutions. Souha has lectured on subjects such as Marketing, International Business, Entrepreneurship, and International Relations. Whether in academic or corporate environments:
Souha embraces the challenges and enjoys the diversity of working with international profiles. Member of the Panel at UNESCO on October 5, 2011 “The World Teacher’s Day” Holding a Doctorate in International Relations, specialised in “The Challenges of brain based learning” and an Master in Business Administration.
Souha organized conferences: “January 2013 on Iran nuclear situation versus the Saudi fundamentalists Salafists”. Another conference on April 2012 was organized on “the French intervention in Mali and the economic and business post war”.


Dr. David Taylor

Visiting Professor

David is an accomplished principal lecturer and education adviser with practical knowledge of and academic experience of the USA, European Union, and Malaysia education systems.  His experience spans lecturing for undergraduates to Doctoral candidates in London, Botswana, Malaysia, and Paris.  held positions as Principal of a FE college, Campus Director of Universities and Dean of a graduate business school.  Through the Accreditation Service for International Colleges (ASIC) (CHEA validated) he has been trained and act as an accreditor in support of the Home Office education establishments’ verification scheme.  He holds a Master in Business Administration, a research PhD in “International Business Management” and was invited by Chartered Management Institute to hold the grade of fellow.

Dr. Djamchid Assadi
Ph.D. of Marketing strategies and Communication
  • University of Paris at Dauphine, Paris, France.
    Research Methodology and Epistemology
  • Ecole des Hautes Etudes, Paris, France (auditor).
    M.A. of Marketing strategies and Communication (D.E.A)
  • University of Paris at Dauphine, Paris, France.
    B.A. of Business Administration
  • International Management School/E.S.C.P (École Supérieure de commerce de Paris)
    PICE : Permis de Conduire Informatique Européen (High skills in IT use)
  • Storytelling, Paris, 2009
  • Models of Different Sources of Income on the Internet Paris, 2004
  • Business Intelligence on the Internet, PubliUnion, Paris, 1998
  • Real Cases in Marketing strategies Editions BPI, Paris, 1992
Ms. Anne C. Zedler
Psychotherapist & Intercultural specialist


  • B.Sc. Psychology, University of Maryland, European Division
  • Maîtrise Sciences Humaines Cliniques, Université Paris VII, Paris
  • DEA Psychologie Clinique, Université René Descartes, Paris
  • Professor (Florida, U.S.A.)
  • Management Trainer
Visiting Professors
Dr. Fouad Nohra
Visiting Professor
Dr. Nohra is a professor (maître de conferences) in political science and a researcher and an academic director. He teaches political science, international relations, development policies he supervises master and bachelor programs and Supervises PhD dissertations, he is the Former member of the Scientific Council of University of Paris. He published 7 specialized books, published by academic editors in French and Arabic on the following topics.
  • Globalization and development policies
  • Education policies in developing countries
  • US foreign policy and Middle East
  • European foreign policy and Middle East
And more than 60 scientific articles. He holds a Ph.D. and 2 Masters in law.
Dr. Thierry Coville
Visiting Professor
Dr. Thierry Coville is a researcher at IRIS,he is professor at Novancia where he teaches macroeconomics, international economics and country risk.Doctor in economic sciences for nearly 20 years conducting research on contemporary Iran and has published numerous articles and several books on the subject. He also works on oil economies.