1. I visited an education fair in Paris,  but I didn't speak French at that time, I needed to study in English, so I met Dr. Souha.Akiki

2. For me it was a super experience to learn with Dr. Souha for the timeI lived in Paris. Then, I left Paris to live in Buchares, but I've continued to study and to finish the tests for my courses. It's a bit difficult to study and work, but I did my best. The modules are very well structured, the information is easy to find, the texts are not hard to read, and all the new informations are well defined. Also, there are a lot of extra-links for better understanding. I've loved our l excusions at museums while being in Paris, i've loved the conferences made and all the new informations that I found out about.

3. I've recommended Innovative Knowledge Institute to everyone that I know and I will recommend to anyone.

4. I would like to have more free time so I can do my remaining assignements. Also, I think that a model of assignement is very helpful for all the students that didn't do anything like this before (I did essays only in Romanian during my bachelor degree courses). In rest, I've liked everything.

5- Romania is great, on the other hand,as I work a lot, I am very tired. I dream about that day to come for the graduation. I hope I will be able to do this.

6. I love reading, I read every type of book, I just find it very relaxing. And, usually in the same time, I crochet. Also, i love to travel, to do cakes and cookies and to observe the people around me.

7. My dream is to have PhD, I really hope that I will be strong enough to do that.

8. I dream to have a small boutique of crocheted articles, in wich the clients can have a tea and a good cookie and to stay for small talks till they have the order ready. Also, I want to travel around the world. My plan for my life is like that: finish my studies (almost done), have my own house (done!), having 6 tattoos and one child, travel around the world.


With love from Romania

Mihaela Gaulea




I recommend, IKI because as a student who has had an experience, I found that the delivery provided by them is unique. 


In short, All students and indeed African prospective students have an opportunity to study in English language in the city of light – Paris 

Most importantly the courses are accredited in the United Kingdom, with automatic EU recognition. It therefore means you are in safe hands, with the best professors from across the globe. I therefore recommend it. 



Dr Tony Jordan, Nigeria





I’m a student doing a degree provided by IKI. So far, it’s been a great experience, very convenient way of studying, I paid the fees once, and I was registered without hassle, the course material was supplied and classes began almost immediately. 


I recommend, IKI because as a student who has had an experience, I found that the delivery provided by IKI is unique, in a sense that, I DO get to see the professor and have a face-to-face with live interaction , which I didn’t have before, this allowing me to ask questions and get answers immediately as well have the course material being explained as opposed to arriving at an exam thinking you understand. In short, it’s like having a classroom interaction with a lecturer at your own chosen destination, I enjoy it and I recommend it



Sisanda Marwa, South Africa