DBA Doctorate in business Administration


  • Want to take business to the next level?
  • Believe that leadership is highly important to the success of your business?
  • Are you looking to consolidate your business knowledge, experience and learning into a terminal qualification?
Who Should Do This?
A candidate should possess at least a Master degree and five (5) years’ managerial work experience. All candidates are considered on individual merits.
DBA is designed to enable a significant contribution to be made towards the enhancement of professional practice in the area of management. Thus, the research undertaken has to be rigorous to be worthy of a Doctorate and immediately relevant to the world of management through addressing real problems.
This course is consequently ideal for executives who want to apply detailed comprehension of business strategy and research tools to their organisations. The DBA will enable you to use research methods to identify, assess and put into action the strategies necessary for your business.
What Will I Learn?
There are three ways of obtaining a DBA, which may be undertaken by distance learning: by research, instruction, or projects.
Candidates must research an area of choice according to a proposal submitted to and approved by the Research Committee. Candidates may work with a self-appointed or an allocated mentor throughout the entire process. The intended research outcome should demonstrate competence in the subject area at an advanced level and/or contribute towards new or existing knowledge. A dissertation of at least 90,000 words must be submitted for examination on completion. Dissertations are examined externally.
This option should only be chosen if candidates have good research skills and academic writing ability.
This option is split into four parts: a primer module in research; 9 core modules; 1 case study; and a final project/dissertation. Candidates must have a recognised MBA,or business-related Master’s prior to taking this option. Candidates must complete 200 credits in order to graduate.
A. Primer Module (8 credits)
RES700 Research in Action
B. Core Modules (10 credits each)
DBA800 Organisational Culture and CSR
DBA810 Advanced Corporate Strategy
DBA820 Advanced Corporate Finance
DBA830 Diversity Management
DBA840 New Product Development
DBA850 Managing Risk and Change
DBA860 International Business
DBA870 Knowledge Management
DBA880 Contemporary Business Issues
C. Case Study (40 credits)
DBA880 Case Study
Candidates are required to undertake and complete a comprehensive case study.
D. Dissertation (62 credits)
Candidates are required to generate a research proposal for a larger scale project of their choice. Upon approval, they will conduct a substantive investigation into the area of specialisation. Results should be written up in the form of a dissertation of not less than 20,000 words.
This option allows the individual candidate to undertake four agreed research topics relating to their area of specialisation plus attendance at two residential workshops.
Successful completion of 80 credits enables candidates to graduate with a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree.
How Will I Learn?
This program is conducted by distance learning or on Campus in Paris. There are online study materials available for each module. Candidates have access to a personal tutor for each individual module.
What Support Will I Get?
The program is run by the Faculty with a core of experienced and highly-qualified mentors.

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